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Dear Eco-Travelers,

Sukau Rainforest Lodge
Sukau Rainforest Lodge

SRL was opened in May 1995, built on stilts using Borneo hardwood species and is completely self sufficient in water and power supply, utilising rainwater and solar energy. Electric motors are used for river safari tours to wildlife areas to minimise air and noise pollution and reduce stress to the wildlife. Every room has an attached bathroom with solar hot water shower.

We are committed to the principle of Economic Sustainable Development and the realization of a true triple bottom line business (economy: social: environment). SRL together with BET run a for community and environment benefit 'Borneo Ecotourism Solutions & Technologies Society', BEST (formerly Sukau Ecotourism Research and Development Centre or SERDC) (2000) to manage its community and environmental projects in Kinabatangan, Kudat and the rest of Sabah. One of the prime projects in Kinabatangan that we are dedicated to is the ongoing KWICORP tree planting program, which enlists your donation of RM50.00 to plant a tree in our quest to regenerate a piece of degraded land for wildlife corridor.

As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we donate RM4 per adult to BEST Society for every international guest who stays with us. (Borneo Eco Tours also contributes RM8 per guest). We set this fund aside irrespective of whether we make profit or not. From 1996 to December 2013, SRL has raised RM 236,977.08 (21%) out of a total of RM 1,157,451.22 for BEST Society's various projects.
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SRL is majority owned and operated by the shareholders and management of sister company, Borneo Eco Tours (BET). The other 30% of shares in SRL are held by locals. The majority of staff at SRL (over 80%) are also locals. Other than providing job opportunity, we sent three staff members from Sukau Rainforest Lodge to attend a guide training and certification course (Nature Guides). Additionally we provide opportunities to other local staff members to be our boatmen to assist in the wildlife spotting. As much as possible we buy our supplies locally, with all our river boats being made locally. We also use local craftsmen to repair the lodge.

2010 and 2011 witnessed our lodge undergoing extensive RM 3 million upgrade of guestrooms, Gecko Lounge, reception and gift shop and the addition of Gomantong Hall, a design inspired by Gomantong Caves of Sukau. With the completion of these extensions, the Sukau Rainforest Lodge now offers the following:

  • Newly refurbished - Guestrooms
• New - Lounge and Reception Area
• New - Gomantong Hall
• New - Gift Shop
• Kari Boardwalk (named after our landowner)
• Melapi Restaurant and jetty complete with sunset deck
• Four bird and wildlife viewing decks
• Information Gallery
• 1,500 ft long covered Hornbill Boardwalk complete with two elephant "passes"

SRL has earned of several international ecotourism awards and widely recognized in major travel publications. These include:

  • 17th World Travel Awards 2010– Winner / Asia's Leading Green Hotel
• 16th World Travel Awards 2009– Finalist / World's Leading Eco-Lodges
• 16th World Travel Awards 2009– Finalist / Asia's Leading Green Hotel
• National Geographics Adventure's 2009 magazine (50 Top Ecolodges / Jungle category)
• 15th World Travel Awards 2008– Finalist / Asia Leading Green Hotel
• 15th World Travel Awards 2008– Finalist / World's Leading Eco-Lodges
• Ecolodge Awards 2006 - 3rd Prize Winner
• First Choice Responsible Tourism Awards 2006 - Highly Commended/ Best Small Hotel
• IH&RA Green Hotelier Awards 1999 - 1st Runner-up
• British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Award 1997 - Winner, Best Lodge / Pacific Region

It is our hope that with your continued support, the Sukau Rainforest Lodge can continue to play a vital role in the development of ecotourism which among others help to protect the environment and bring economic benefits to the local communities. For more information, you may want to get a copy of "Saving Paradise " co-authored by Albert Teo and Carol Patterson and launched in April 2005 at the Borneo Ecotourism Conference 2005 to celebrate our tenth anniversary, by contacting

I welcome you to personally come and experience paradise at our multi international ecotourism award-winning ecolodge.


Albert C.K. Teo
Managing Director