How Sukau Rainforest Lodge Practices Sustainability And Being Eco Friendly as An Eco Lodge


Being “sustainable” as an accommodation is a choice, and for us, it’s really the best choice any hotel or accommodation can make. However, as big or intimidating as the word “sustainability” seems, it’s really just a word which for us means being responsible in our actions and asking simple questions like, “Will this harm the environment/community?” and “Is there a much better and safer way to do this?”.

We were just certified with the Travelife Gold Certification and it’s definitely a great achievement for us. However, in all honestly, we do still face some challenges and are continuously working towards improving and being better.

Anyway, we just want to share with you what our lodge does when it comes to being sustainable and practicing eco-friendly or green practices here. These are super simple guidelines that not only our staff can follow, but also our guests! We hope that this infographic will be useful for you!