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The Kinabatangan River landscape scenery

Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary

The Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary which covers an area of 26,800 hectares, forms part of the Kinabatangan region which is the largest floodplain the Malaysia covering a total of 23% of the land area of Sabah or 16,800 Gazetted in 2005 as a gift to the Earth, it has a diverse ecosystem from coastal mangrove swamp, to riparian, freshwater and dipterocarp and oxbow vegetation teaming with wildlife supporting ten species of primates including more than 1,000 orang utans, proboscis monkeys, more than 300 Borneo pygmy elephants, 50 species of mammals, 20 species of reptiles and over 1,026 species of plants.

Wildlife Sighting

River safari cruises will always bring about wonderful sights and scenes, sometimes even unexpected surprises. On your list of “must-see” will be the Borneo Big 5 of Kinabatangan, which includes the ever popular Orangutan, elusive Borneo Pygmy Elephant, majestic Rhinoceros Hornbill, unusual Proboscis Monkey, and mysterious Estuarine Crocodile.
There are also a myriad of avifauna that can be found in Kinabatangan, making it every birder’s paradise to sight rare species such as the Storm’s Stork, Oriental Darter and Bornean Ground Cuckoo also endemic birds of Borneo like the Bornean Falconet and Bornean Bristlehead.

Guest witnessing a group of monkeys on tree top while river cruising in the Kinabatangan river
A stork flying over the Kinabatangan river

Borneo Exotic Wildlife

Birdlife is especially rich here (over 325 species have been sighted in the area) including eight species of hornbills, kingfishers, darters, owls, kites, eagles, broadbills, doves, storm storks, herons, hawks, ospreys, falcon, pheasants, parakeets, bee eaters, woodpeckers, pittas, bulbuls, forktails, babblers, warblers, flycatchers, orioles, flowerpeckers, spiderhunters, among others.

On-Site Experience

Our lodge is also visited by various wildlife and birdlife from time to time. Resident orangutans Lucky and her baby Day would often drop by to delight guests with their presence as they swing from tree to tree while feasting on figs. Explore your natural surroundings further as take a walk at our Hornbill and Attenborough Boardwalks.
Tourists sighting Sukau Rainforest Lodge's resident orang utans named Lucky and Day
tourists interacting with a staff of Sukau Rainforest Lodge's Melapi restaurant

Immerse with Culture

Staying in Sukau Rainforest Lodge also means that you will get to know a little more about Borneo’s culture, especially that of the people of Kinabatangan. Our lodge team are mostly locals from around here and will be more than happy to engage in a conversation about their heritage and way of life.

Tour Stories

The stories of people who had experienced the majestic experience at Sukau Rainforest Lodge is amazing. Having an opportunity to be one with nature and being introduced to a place by a team dedicated in giving you an unforgettable memory will give you life time experience.

Sukau Rainforest Lodge welcome entrance

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A group of pygmy elephants on eating on a grass field

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