About Us

OUR MISSION : To excel as an ecolodge by providing a unique experience in hospitality interpretation and conservation with local community participation and leadership development.

Sukau Rainforest Lodge was born from the vision of Albert Teo, President and Founder of Borneo Eco Tours of the complete ecotourism experience. As Albert observed “an ecotour without a good ecolodge is not complete”. So he undertook to build a lodge that would provide great wildlife watching experiences and become a base of operations for the Kinabatangan area while also demonstrating sustainable building and operating principles.

Opened in May 1995, Sukau Rainforest Lodge is built on stilts using Borneo hardwood species and is completely self-sufficient in water, harvesting rainwater and solar energy for hot water heating. Electric motors are used for river safari tours to wildlife areas to minimise air and noise pollution and reduce stress to the wildlife. Every room has an attached bathroom with solar hot water shower while electricity is supplied at night by a generator set.

Sukau Rainforest Lodge together with Borneo Eco Tours also run a not for profit Sukau Ecotourism Research and Development Centre or SERDC (2000) which in 2007 was upgraded and registered as Borneo  Ecotourism, Solutions and Technologies Society, or  BEST Society, www.bestsociety.org to manage its community and environmental projects on Kinabatangan River and elsewhere in Sabah. As of December 2015, Sukau Rainforest Lodge has contributed RM 563,951.08 (32%) out of total RM 1,840,668.42 to implement community and environmental projects under our non-profit BEST Society.

Sukau Rainforest Lodge is committed to the principle of Sustainable Development and the realization of a true triple bottom line business. As such, Sukau Rainforest Lodge prides itself on being profitable yet contributing to the local community while conserving the environment. The majority of the staff are from the local Orang Sungai community.