Giving Back



Whenever you choose to travel with Borneo Eco Tours and stay at Sukau Rainforest Lodge, you are not just  choosing a holiday in Borneo. You will also be part of something much greater as your travel  will help to fund our community and social projects in Malaysian Borneo through our non-profit organisation, BEST Society.

Humana School Malangking students visit to Sukau Rainforest Lodge


Every international adult guest who purchased a Sukau Rainforest Lodge package through Borneo Eco Tours will contribute RM28 to Conservation Contribution.

On top of that, Sukau Rainforest Lodge will contribute RM4 respectively to BEST Society.

Indirectly, you are helping to fund a total of RM32 contribution for conservation and at the same time, playing your part in the offsetting of carbon footprint.

Since the year 1996, BEST Society has received donation from individual donors and corporations amounting to RM 1,149,518.74. As of December 2023, Borneo Eco Tours have contributed RM 1,407,024.00 and Sukau Rainforest Lodge with RM 712,320.08 out of the total amount of RM 3,268,862.82.

Carbon Footprint and Us

This carbon offset fund is channeled to non-profit organization BEST Society and it is used to carry out environmental and community projects throughout our state of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo

What is carbon footprint?

It is the total amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result by an individual, community or organisation.

How does the tourism industry contribute to Carbon Footprint?

Activities such as travelling by air, car or rail; or operating accommodations and places of interest are all account for the production of carbon footprints.

What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a way that can be taken to compensate the CO2 emissions by funding projects that can give positive impact on the environment and community. Sukau Rainforest Lodge offsets carbon footprint by investing on low impact machineries or equipment, planting trees, community projects and so on.

How does we offset the carbon footprint?

For each international adult guest, Borneo Eco Tours and Sukau Rainforest Lodge allocate RM 8 and RM 4 respectively to BEST Society as part of a carbon offset fund. We carry out Green and Sustainable Practices and encourage guests to do the same

How Much Have We Collected so far

As of February 2020, Borneo Eco Tours have contributed RM 1,185,642.00 and Sukau Rainforest Lodge with RM 672,749.08 out of the total amount of RM 2,889,636.27 ​

What Are We Doing With The Fund?

The fund has made it possible for BEST Society to carry out numerous community and environmental projects throughout Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Some of these projects include providing water tanks for rural communities, bee farming, Borneo Land Conservancy and many others.

To learn more about our community and environment projects, visit BEST Society website