Optional Tours


Take a 0600hrs morning river cruise up the Kinabatangan River in search of wildlife while experiencing the tranquillity of the rainforest at its best. Return back to the lodge for breakfast. After lunch, proceed to an overland journey to the Gomantong Caves which are surrounded by primary rainforest, making it an ideal place to spot orang utans in the wild. Let your guide lead you to the forest by walking on the boardwalk in search of the “man of the jungle”. Exclusively for Sukau Rainforest Lodge guests. 

Gomantong Cave is temporarily closed

Notes: The opportunity to see the orang utans is highly dependent on persistence and luck.


Drive 27km overland from Sukau Rainforest Lodge to the Gomantong Caves, home to millions of bats and swiftlets. One of our naturalists will guide you through the caves which have their own unique ecosystem. Explore the surrounding primary rainforest which is home to wild orang utans, langurs, and other wildlife. The chances of spotting orang utans are particularly high here as many orang utans inhabit this area. In the evening, witness an exodus of over two million bats along with raptors who are trying to catch them. If you are interested in bird-watching and in observing wild orang utans, this is the right activity for you. Exclusively for Sukau Rainforest Lodge guests.

Gomantong Cave is temporarily closed

Notes: The opportunity to see the orang utans is highly dependent on persistence and luck.


Proceed for an early river cruise in search for wild elephants. The Bornean Pygmy Elephants can be seen mostly along floodplains, tributaries and the upper catchmen or the Kinabatangan River. They also like to feed along the river banks in the cool of the morning or evening. Exclusively for Sukau Rainforest Lodge guests.

Notes: The elephants are continuously moving in search of food. The possibility to see them therefore depends highly on persistence and luck.


Go on the guided walk along the 1500ft-long covered Hornbill Boardwalk at the back of the lodge. Learn about the unique characteristics of Borneo vegetation and their value for humans and wildlife alike. Among the many species of plants you can find are the rattan, wild ginger and strangling fig. The rainforest surrounding the boardwalk is also home to orang utans, macaques, hornbills, langurs as well as insects such as cicadas and centipedes – so keep your eyes open!


Let our in-house staff take you on a Sukau Safari night cruise along the Kinabatangan River. Experience the ambiance of the Kinabatangan under the stars while spotting nocturnal animals. Look out for the Estuarine Crocodile, the Buffy Fish-Owl, a range of kingfishers, monitor lizards as well as proboscis monkeys sleeping in the treetops. As a complimentary gift, you will receive a dropbox link  with about 150 photos of Sukau & Kinabatangan including Borneo Big 5 Wildlife for you to share with your loved-ones at home.


Cruise along the Kinabatangan River on a relaxing excursion in search of wildlife. Look out for exciting wildlife and enjoy a ride through the fascinating ecosystem of the riverine rainforest.


Come and join us for a talk by our in-house naturalist to learn more about one of Borneo’s famous primates, the Orang Utans (Pongo Pygmaeus)! The talk is presented daily and you are welcome to join us in the Ape Gallery. Exclusively for Sukau Rainforest Lodge guests.


Have a hearty breakfast before we begin our journey on a 15mins boat ride from Sukau Rainforest Lodge to RASIG project site along the Kinabatangan River in search of wildlife while experiencing the tranquillity of the rainforest at its best. Guided by RASIG’s naturalist, trek on the migration path of Borneo Pygmy Elephants. The natural environment constitutes a safe haven for these big mammals. The forest also offers an amazing plant life and variety of insects. This activities will gives you the valuable opportunity to learn about the habitat and biodiversity conservation of the Kinabatangan. Return back to the lodge for lunch.

Notes: Trekking is not allowed if elephants are within or near the vicinity of the land. This tour will be closed during monsoon for the forest to rejuvenate.


Unleash your creative side by trying our Batik painting activity. Batik is a technique of traditional wax-resist dyeing of clothes. Learn these techniques by creating your own design and be inspired by the rainforest surroundings.


It’s great to take a break and have some quiet time away from the stresses of everyday life. Escape to our Halia Spa for a relaxing spa experience that offers a blend of both traditional and modern Spa treatments. You can choose to have your spa experience in an air-conditioned massage room or in a “Sulap Hut” surrounded by the natural jungle. It’s a sanctuary and tranquillity of wellbeing, where you will experience more than the chance to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Browse through our spa menu and see our wonderful package offers that will elate your senses and awaken your spirit.

This service is currently unavailable

Notes : Not recommended for expectant mothers and guests with diabetes and blood circulation problems


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