Sukau Rainforest Lodge’s River Clean Up Mission & World Rivers Day

Kinabatangan River is an essential source of life and livelihood for all its inhabitants. The river provides the wildlife and birdlife with food and water, whereas for the villagers living along the river, they depend on it to get around by boat and carry out their day to day activities. These activities includes fishing, catching crabs and also prawns for… Read more →

Global Eco Lodges: A Global Partnership Promoting Eco Accommodations

O’REILLY’S has announced a global partnership with Malaysian eco-lodge, Sukau Rainforest Lodge promoting sustainable tourism. The Global Eco Lodge (GEL) initiative will promote eco accredited travel accommodation and connect with the growing sustainable tourism audience worldwide. O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat Managing Director Shane O’Reilly, believes the partnership will make sustainable tourism more accessible for nature lovers. “Our aim is to cross-promote… Read more →

Sukau Rainforest Lodge Says “No” to Plastic Straws as Part of its Sustainability Initiative

Cruising along the tranquil river of Kinabatangan, there’s a chance that you’ll come across some of the world’s most unique wildlife and birdlife. The curious looking proboscis monkeys, various species of beautiful hornbill birds, enigmatic saltwater crocs, and not forgetting the elusive Borneo pygmy elephants and solitary orangutans – these are just a few of the amazing creatures that inhabit… Read more →

How Sukau Rainforest Lodge Practices Sustainability And Being Eco Friendly as An Eco Lodge

  Being “sustainable” as an accommodation is a choice, and for us, it’s really the best choice any hotel or accommodation can make. However, as big or intimidating as the word “sustainability” seems, it’s really just a word which for us means being responsible in our actions and asking simple questions like, “Will this harm the environment/community?” and “Is there… Read more →

Sukau Rainforest Lodge Achieves Travelife Gold Certification

After all the work we’ve put into getting this certification, we’re ecstatic to announce that we’re finally certified with the Travelife Gold Certification! When we applied for the Travelife Certification, our performance with regards to responsibly managing our socio-economic and environmental impacts were thoroughly assessed. It was then that we realized there were actually things we  still needed to improve… Read more →

Sukau Rainforest Lodge Sustainable Development Goals Diary 2017

Fresh start for 2017! This year is the International Year for Sustainable Tourism Development. Sukau Rainforest Lodge is an Eco-lodge that follows the ecotourism principles and among many things, tries to cause the less environmental impact possible through the implementation of eco-friendly practices such as the water and energy saving and proper waste management.   1. Monthly activity: Sustainability talk… Read more →

Sukau Rainforest Lodge is Featured in the October Issue of Expatriate Lifestyle Magazine

Sukau Rainforest Lodge was recently featured in the October issue of Expatriate Lifestyle Magazine as one of the eight top tropical retreats in the country, and we couldn’t be anymore delighted! The short and sweet write-up about our lodge touched about two native Sabahans in the 1990’s whom stepped in just in time to save the lush bio-diversity of Kinabatangan… Read more →

Sukau Rainforest Lodge Awarded Best Independent Accommodation of the PATA Tourism InSPIRE Awards 2015

Monday December 7, 2015 : Sukau Rainforest Lodge touches yet another milestone in its journey from excellence to greatness. We have been awarded the Best Independent Accommodation of the PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) Tourism InSPIRE (Industry’s Sustainability Practitioners Inspiring Responsibility and Excellency) Awards 2015. The awards ceremony which took place on Friday, 27th November 2015 was hosted by the Tourism… Read more →